This is the time of efficiency and speed and one can be easily overrun if not fast enough. Can the paragons of law and order accept being lagged behind by the criminals? If the police can't keep the pace to solve the crime, it might be outrun by the criminals in the modern technologically advanced world. In the modern world, it is not wise to exclude the technology while doing the forensic research.

Detection of the hidden fact for the accurate investigation -

The increment in sophisticated digital crime these days and economic growth has made criminals faster technologically advanced and they know how to hide. The investigation which refers to analysis and reporting of data for a legal purpose must use the new technology to become more efficient. Cloud forensics software has become much dynamic in the field of cyber-crime and this result in the structured investigation and help to detect the hidden facts for accurate investigation results. Cloud is the key in the hand of the investigator to do their work more efficiently and this technology is used to develop a software or application which helps the police to investigate the crime with more efficiency.

Hide and seek game played by the criminals in the pool of information -

It is not difficult to conceal the identity and criminals conceal their identity to hide from the trap of the police investigation. The data analysts say that we are being flooded by the information. The information doubles itself every year and it is really difficult to analyze all this bulky information while doing the investigation of a crime. There are the instances when the information is scatted to different sources and systems. Crime investigation is about the analysis of the information and coming to the result to nap the criminal. But in the lack of the information, it becomes difficult to nap the criminal. All the related data is scatted to different departments and sources which make it difficult to analyses it.

The solution to fast investigate the crime -

With the help of the cloud-based forensic software, it would be easy to gain the access of the information which is still scattered to different sources. This enables the access of the research team to the unprecedented source of information. You can now utilize and analyze the information to investigate the crime. There are many forensic experts who may be at the remote location and going to them and getting their help might be the difficult task.

A variety of techniques are used by these experts to inspect and search hidden, encrypted or deleted files or folders. The help of these experts can also be accessed by the use of this software and the services of these experts in the investigations would prove very much beneficial. This would help in the correct investigation by government organizations. This is a boon to develop the software on the bases of cloud and certainly going to help the investigation in the specification and the society in general.

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